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Reality Properties offers personally tailored management service to fit your individual needs and concerns. Our team understands the needs of our clients with different time and distance constraints and therefore take every necessary measure to ensure the proper handling and care.

Our most basic management service is rent collection services. Every month we will ensure tenants payment of rent in full and on time and transfer that into your account immediately. Our most comprehensive management service involves undertaking all duties in regards to the day to day running of the property, therefore the landlord doesn’t have to worry about anything, this includes:


    • Marketing your property to potential tenants
    • Sourcing suitable and reliable tenants for the property
    • Accompanying potential tenants to view the property
    • Gathering tenant references and doing credit checks
    • Preparing the tenancy agreement
    • Managing the collection of the tenant's deposit
    • Preparing the inventory on the property in a timely and detailed manner
    • Checking in the tenant and agreeing the inventory
    • Collecting the rent from the tenant
    • Transferring the rental income to your account monthly
    • Managing ensuring the maintenance and arranging any necessary repairs
    • Handling and problems that may ariseConducting detailed check-out inventory reports
    • Renewing lease agreement or finding a new tenant if necessary
    • Dealing with legal aspects of the tenancy/property, including evictions, non-payment, harassment or problems with squatters.


Aside from our most basic and comprehensive services, our capabilities are extremely versatile and may be as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer. We take pride in developing a relationship with our customers that is unsurpassed in the industry and that requires knowing and delivering a personalised service directly tailored to your needs. We can also negotiate on how much assistance is needed through us, we allow for our landlords to delegate duties of what they expect of us to do and what is expected of themselves.

For any inquiries about how we can assist your needs please feel free to call us now for more information on 020 3355 0908. Alternatively you can direct any questions in an email


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