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In today’s challenging economic times, more and more landlords are experiencing late and  non-paying tenants. The office of national statistics have figured that 33% of tenants are failing to pay rent on time. Failed rent payments are a serious and prevalent problem for landlords, especially in this tough economy. Often many landlords are unaware of the need for special landlord insurance and the protection it can give them beyond their current policy. Don’t take the unnecessary risks associated with overlooking this importance. Some benefits of additional insurance can include:


    • Full 60-day cover for unoccupied properties-- Coverage for 30, 60, and often 90 days for any property left empty
    • Protection of your rental income against non-paying tenants-- Ensure you’re able to pay your mortgage with coverage that guarantees monthly delivery of rental payments
    • Legal expenses cover-- Avoid getting caught up in the nasty legal fees tied to evicting a tenant with guaranteed protection
    • Emergency assistance cover-- Central heating failure due to cold weather periods, burst pipe damage, blockage or flooding of drains, vandalism,damaged locks and break-ins, plus emergency alternative accommodation for your tenants if the home is uninhabitable


Lease Plans

We work with agents, solicitors, freeholders and leaseholders to prepare Land Registry compliant lease plans for residential and commercial properties. We provide a speedy turnaround and charge competitive fees. We operate within Greater London and the Home Counties but will go further afield by arrangement.

The Land Registration Act specifies that all new leases over seven years, or existing leases sold or assigned with seven years left must be registered with Land Registry, and as part of the registration a compliant Lease Plan (a detailed plan of the property) must be included.

Lease Renewals/ Rent Reviews

Whether you are an owner of a commercial property or a tenant, you should seek professional advice well in advance of the end of the lease, when you will have to negotiate a rent review or lease renewal. Our advice will help the process run smoothly and ensure you receive the best outcome.

Most leases make provision for rent reviews, usually after a three-year or a five-year period, and will set out a detailed procedure. Rent reviews may be in the form of fixed rental increases, or indexed rents where the rent changes in line with a measurement such as the Retail Price Index. Many leases will include an 'upward only' rent review meaning that the rent will rise regardless of price drops in the area. Leases will also include details of the process for settling disputes. Negotiations can often be difficult and protracted, especially if there are disagreements on either side.  We have extensive knowledge of both the marketplace and up-to-date legislation.


We can undertake a detailed review of the lease together with rental appraisals of most commercial properties. Our team will assist in negotiations and disputes with the aim of ensuring that a fair rent is set. As a landlord you will maximize the performance of your investment. As a tenant, you can minimize your costs.

Our expertise can make a significant difference to the outcome of your review negotiations. In addition, where the other party is represented, good relationships and mutual respect between other local surveyors and us is guaranteed. This ensures that reasoned arguments can be presented and accepted as such by each side, minimizing the risk of a confrontation and subsequent delays and additional costs.

Building Surveying


A building survey provides detailed information about the condition of a property. Our fully qualified Chartered Surveyors can tailor a building survey to your individual requirements, whether you are considering purchasing a property or wish to make repairs and alterations. We take the time to understand your needs and produce a clear report that addresses any concerns you may have.

Clients will benefit from the diverse skills of our team so that any issues arising from the building survey can be dealt with. We can also provide a full project management service, of which the building survey is one part.



Negotiating the planning process can be time consuming and expensive... so let the experts do it for you! Our expertise covers everything from planning applications, site appraisals and planning briefs, to appeals, enforcement, development plans and much more. Whether you need help with one issue, or a complete project management service, our service is a very wise choice.

Identifying how you can enhance value and take advantage of new opportunities through obtaining planning permission.

    • The co-ordination and supply of supporting material to the planning authorities.
    • Full negotiation with the Local Planning Authority and other statutory bodies.
    • Providing solutions to planning problems.

These are just a number of our services which we are able to provide. Our team of well experienced individuals are able to assist you, so please call us on 020 33 55 09 08.

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